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About Us

M/S Military Equipment is an establishment established by’ Ex-servicemen based on the rich experiences of veterans for provision of the best quality equipments needed by the tps in all types of terrain, climatic conditions & their moves. Veterans’ rich experiences are on the market production quality of eqpts which the veterans faced then and others are facing now.

Eqpts supplied by market are generally only for business purposes. Market eqpts may look charming, attractive and probably may be cheaper also but not of good quality on its use, durability & portability. Tps need very genuinely the eqpts which meet their needs in all moves and ops. This enterprise is purely based on these facts for the welfare of tps.

Prorudction and supply of TOP quality eqpts is focused on its longer life, comfort in use, easy in carrying and concessional rates. It is a registered enterprise on production of eqpts but not an educational institute. However, as a “Helping Hand “ it is a HELPLINE for the re-settlement of ESM and their dependents. This enterprise arranges six months free trg to desirous ESM and their dependents on production of such items for their re-settlement. They can also join this enterprise if they wish in any stage.

Our Aim

The two main aims of this coy are:-

  • - Production & supply of TOP cl mil eqpts with TOP cl materials that our tps need in any terrain and climatic conditions for their comfort.

  • - To help the Ex-servicemen for their trg and service on production of quality eqpts that helps them for their re-settlement.