Orders/Demands & Collection Of Store

Orders or demand can be done by tele calls followed by official letter/fax/e-mail. Without official letter or commn the order always remains doubtful for production & delivery of stores. On receiving official letter/fax/e-mail, coy will intimate the dt of delivery of stores.
It is always advisable to collect the stores by qualified reps who can make sure the quality and qty that avoids loss in transshipment & reach the stores in time.
Payment Of Bills :

Payment of bills is always desirable as early as possible. If possible 10% or more of amount be paid in adv to avoid delay in providing the stores. The coy issues stores to a No of units/fmn/est and huge amount remains unpaid due to these, the coy remains unable to arrange materials that hamper production and payment of monthly salary to the coy’s emp in time and also procuring the raw materials.

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