T-Shirt Round Neck full Sleeves – Digital

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• Trendy and stylish Digital Camouflage Print T-Shirt
• Made with a blend of 100% pure cotton and 2% elastane for superior comfort and flexibility
• Soft and breathable fabric against the skin
• Premium quality stitching for excellent durability and minimal fraying
• Perfect fitting design that flatters the wearer’s physique
• Round neck and full sleeves for a versatile style
• Care instructions: Avoid washing with harsh detergents, warm water, and direct sunlight drying
• Preserves color vibrancy and prevents shrinkage or distortion
• Combines fashion and comfort in one garment.

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499.00712.00 (-30%)



The Digital Camouflage Print Round Neck Full Sleeves T-Shirt is a trendy and stylish garment that seamlessly combines fashion and comfort. It is made with a blend of 100% pure cotton and 2% elastane, offering a superior level of comfort and flexibility. The pure cotton fabric ensures a soft and breathable feel against the skin, while the addition of elastane provides a slight stretch for ease of movement and a comfortable fit.

One of the notable features of this T-Shirt is its premium quality stitching. Meticulously done, the stitching ensures excellent durability, minimizing the risk of fraying or unraveling. This attention to detail reinforces the garment’s structure, allowing it to withstand regular wear and washing without compromising its quality.

Designed with a focus on perfect fitting, the Digital Camouflage Print T-Shirt flatters the wearer’s physique. The combination of pure cotton and elastane allows it to mold to the body without feeling restrictive, providing a comfortable and tailored look. With its round neck and full sleeves, this T-Shirt offers a versatile style suitable for various occasions.

To ensure the longevity of this Camouflage Print T-Shirt, proper care is essential. It is advised not to wash it with harsh detergents, as they can damage the fabric and affect the color vibrancy. Additionally, washing with warm water should be avoided as it can cause shrinkage or distortion of the T-Shirt’s shape. Direct exposure to sunlight during drying should also be avoided to prevent fading or discoloration.

By following these care instructions, you can maintain the quality and appearance of the Digital Camouflage Print Round Neck Full Sleeves T-Shirt. Its blend of pure cotton and elastane, along with premium stitching and perfect fitting, makes it a reliable choice for those seeking both style and comfort.


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T-Shirt Round Neck full Sleeves – Digital

499.00712.00 (-30%)

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