Fast Rope With Eye Splice End Termination 32 MM Width 20 Meters Length

60,000.00102,000.00 (-41%)

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– High Tenacity Nylon Fast Rope designed for demanding heliborne missions
– Exceptional strength engineered for toughest challenges
– Excellent abrasion resistance for enduring harsh environments
– Outstanding breaking load ensures reliability in critical missions
– Unrivaled durability stands the test of time
– Flexibility and easy handling for seamless navigation
– Protected spliced eye for secure handling during maneuvers
– Consistent wet and dry strength guarantees performance in any condition
– 8 Stand Braided construction with high tenacity nylon for reliability
– Customizable lengths: 15M, 20M, 30M, or 35M for specific needs
– Elongation of 23.40% at 50% of BS, balancing flexibility and toughness
– Accessories available on request for enhanced heliborne endeavors


60,000.00102,000.00 (-41%)


Elevate your heliborne missions with our unparalleled High Tenacity Nylon Fast Rope in Olive! Crafted for the most demanding adventures, this rope is a true marvel, boasting features that set it apart.

Unmatched Strength: When the going gets tough, rely on the exceptional strength of this rope. Engineered to handle the most challenging situations with ease.

Abrasion Resistance: No obstacles too rough! Its excellent abrasion resistance ensures it withstands the harshest environments, maintaining top-notch quality.

Outstanding Breaking Load: Unleash its power confidently! With an excellent breaking load, this rope is your steadfast partner in any mission.

Unrivaled Durability: Built to endure, this rope’s durability stands the test of time, promising reliability in the most critical moments.

Flexibility & Ease of Handling: Navigate effortlessly! Its flexibility and easy handling make it a breeze to manage, adapting to your needs seamlessly.

Protected Spliced Eye: Equipped with a protected spliced eye at each end, ensuring secure handling and peace of mind during crucial maneuvers.

Consistent Wet & Dry Strength: Rain or shine, its wet strength matches its dry strength, guaranteeing unwavering performance in any condition.

8 Stand Braided Construction: Engineered with precision using an 8 Stand Braided construction and high tenacity nylon material, ensuring reliability under extreme circumstances.

Customizable Lengths: Tailored to your specifications, choose from 15M, 20M, 30M, or 35M lengths, meeting the unique demands of heliborne activities.

Elongation & Abrasion Resistance: With an elongation of 23.40% at 50% of BS and good abrasion resistance, this rope strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and toughness.

Accessories Available: Need specialized gear? Accessories are available upon request to complement this exceptional rope and enhance your heliborne endeavors.

From critical operations to challenging terrains, our High Tenacity Nylon Rope is your trusted ally, ensuring safety, reliability, and unparalleled performance. Elevate your heliborne activities; trust in the strength and resilience of this remarkable rope!

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Fast Rope With Eye Splice End Termination 32 MM Width 20 Meters Length

60,000.00102,000.00 (-41%)

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